3 thoughts on “Unfair Opposition to Homeopathic ADHD Treatment

  1. AvatarArjun

    I think people are now getting aware through the internet about the unjustified condemnation of homeopathy by the western medicine.

  2. AvatarDr. Aditya Sardana Post author

    If western medicine (modern medicine / conventional medicine / orthodox medicine) will acknowledge the effectiveness of alternative medicine such as homeopathy, then the future of the pharmaceutical industry (backbone of modern medicine), worth several hundred billions of US dollars per year, will be lost in darkness. So, monetary interests keep modern scientists and physicians at bay from accepting the safer system of medicine (homeopathy).

  3. AvatarAshley

    This is an extremely well written paper discussing opposition of western medicine to homeopathy. Western medicine never forgets to condemn homeopathy and this really reflects how much fear advocators of western medicine carry in their hearts regarding effectiveness of homeopathy.


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