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The Biology Action Game 2

Biology Action Game 2 For You!!

Play The Biology Action Game 2

A Part of The Biology In Action Games Series

Caution!!! – The Biology Action Game 2 – The Survivor Bacterium – is an arcade type game which is extremely addictive.

Move your Mouse to control the Bacterium and try to survive for as long as possible, after all  survival is the only motive of any life form. Random white blood cells (WBCs) will be seen passing through, shoot them with infectious particles to get more points. Random objects will enter the screen to engage you. These random objects might benefit or harm you; may be both at the same time.

Instructions To Play:
Move your Mouse to control movements of the Bacterium.
Use SPACE to shoot.

Dr. Aditya Sardana

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Dr Aditya Sardana is an MD in Alternative Medicine, MS in Bioinformatics, and Bachelor's in Pharmacy. He also has a diploma in Homeopathy. He has worked as a Clinical Pharmacist. He is a Medical author and editor, Health and Science writer, Naturalist, Biologist, Bioinformaticist, and Science Enthusiast.

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