Essence of Electro-Homeopathy

Updated on 23 February 2021 – Electro-Homeopathy or Electro-Homoeopathy or Electro Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine founded by an Italian named Count Cesar Mattei in the nineteenth century. The term “Electro-Homeopathy” is derived from “Electro” + “Homeopathy”. The term “Electro-Homeopathy” was used by Count Cesar Mattei to describe his system of medicine because it is based on the Homeopathic system of medicine and makes use of “Vegetable Electricity” contained in the medicinal plants. Electro Homeopathy is also called Electropathy.

Advocators of Electro-Homeopathic medicine have described it as a new medical system. Count Cesar Mattei called his remedies Electro-Homeopathic on account of their instant and efficacious action just like the action of the electricity. He described Electro Homeopathy as an extension and simplification of Homeopathy developed by the great Samuel Hahnemann. He used the term “Perfected Homoeopathy” for Electro-Homeopathy and called his Electro Homeopathic materia medica as the consummation of the Homeopathic materia medica.

According to Mattei, any abnormal change in the blood or lymph or both of these vital fluids leads to the diseased states of the human body. Count Mattei recognized four main types of constitutions or temperaments as important in the selection of the Electropathic remedies, viz., – Sanguine temperament, Bilious temperament, Lymphatic temperament, and Nervous temperament.

The Electro Homeopathic system of medicine employs combination of various medicinal plants in the preparation of a single remedy. Thus, the remedies are called complex remedies. Count Mattei believed that complex remedies are more effective than simpler ones employed by Homeopathy because of their wider range of actions. Spagyric methods of preparation of essences from medicinal plants are deployed by Electro Homeopathic pharmacies.

Cesare Mattei by adidarwinian

There are many differences between Electro Homeopathy and Homeopathy. Some of the notable differences are described here –

  • In the preparation of the Electro Homeopathic remedies, only the medicinal plants are employed. The Homeopathic system of medicine employs metals, minerals, animal products, morbid products, and plants in the preparation of remedies.
  • Electro-Homeopathy makes use of the complex remedies as described above. In the case of the classical Homeopathic practice, the use of the single remedy is permitted at a time by its founder Samuel Hahnemann.

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4 thoughts on “Essence of Electro-Homeopathy

  1. AvatarDr. Visal A. Khan MD(EH)

    Electropathy based on herbal is a wonderful invention by Dr. CC. Mattei and I got an opportunity to learn it up to doctorate level. I got a chance to deal with the chronic patients who had no hope for life and when they were treated by few essences (60) they were so happy and reported me their relief and happiness which inspired me to love the system for further service of human beings.


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