Aristotle - Father of Biology - Adidarwinian

Branches of Biology Depict Its Essence in Diversities!

Branches of Biology Depict Its Essence in Diversities!!

Rational and Earnest Thoughts from an Earnest Scientific Mind for All the Readers with the Same Mind – Aditya Sardana aka Adidarwinian –

Science is the study of the Facts; Facts mean the Pure Truths.

Biology is a Complete and Pure Science; Biology is the Pure Truth.

Science studies and describes facts and the facts mean all those things that are pure truths. Biology is a complete science, and therefore, it automatically becomes a pure truth.

As I am a hard-core biologist, I will before answering the question “What is Biology”, like to clarify that Biology is in itself a complete scientific platform on which are based a multitude of Applied Biological Sciences such as Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Bioengineering, Medicine, Physiotherapy, and plenty of others.

Biological Science or Biology
is one of the fundamental branches of the pure science that involves the study of the living organisms in a fully scientific fashion. The truth in the Biological Science or Biology is that it rationally and scientifically explains and explores the different aspects of living organisms.

Aristotle - Father of Biology - Adidarwinian

The Essence of Biology Can Only Be Acknowledged In Its Diversities and the Biological Diversities Can Be Effectively Comprehended By Studying the Branches of Biology!!

Biology has a wide array of branches and these are all encompassed within the term – Biological Sciences. Some of the branches of Biology that depict the essence of Biology in its diverse forms or diversities are given below with their lucid yet complete definitions (you can call these definitions as the short Glossary of Biological Terms or the short Dictionary of Biology concerning only the Branches of Biology) –

Agriculture – To put it simply, Agriculture is the science or practice of cultivation of the crops and rearing of the animals to produce commodities for the human use such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, wool, etc. It is also called Farming or Husbandry.

– It involves the study of the structure of animals and plants, especially by the means of dissection.

Animal Husbandry
– It deals with the breeding, rearing, tending, and management of the domestic or farm animals.

– See Exobiology or Xenobiology.


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    Really, author has revealed the Essence of Biology by going through its Diversities as Branches of Biology!!


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