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The Darwin Returns – A Poem

The Darwin Returns – A Poem

The Darwin Returns – A Poem offers an informative, intelligent and musical piece of poetry on Biology for all of you!!

Welcome To This Site and Discover What Happens When Darwin Returns!!!

The Darwin Returns!!! – A Poem By Aditya Sardana aka adidarwinian

When Darwin Returns,

Idiocy Adjourns,

Listen My Son,

All Myths Burn,

Biology is The Real Fun!!

The Darwin returns - a poem by adidarwinian

Another Musical Piece of Poetry In The Honor of Sir Charles Darwin

“Farther the Darwin Recedes Into the Mist of the Immortal Time,
Nearer the Human Race Comes, by More Understanding His Radical Theory, to the Bare Fact of Evolution, which is the Truth of All Times”

– A Poetry By Aditya Sardana aka adidarwinian  

Aditya Sardana

About the Author 

Aditya Sardana is a Medical, Science and Technology Writer, Books Author, Alternative Medicine and Homeopathy Practitioner, Naturalist, Pharmacist, Bioinformaticist, and Science Enthusiast.

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