What is Supernova?

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    What is Supernova? What are Supernovae? What are Supernovas?

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    Aditya Sardana
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    A Supernova (plural – Supernovas or Supernovae) is an explosion that occurs at the end of the life cycle of a star. It occurs when, due to the star’s own gravity, the temperature in the core of a White Dwarf Star, having a mass more than 1.4 times the mass of the Sun (more than the Chandrasekhar Limit), rises significantly resulting in a nuclear fusion explosion (Thermonuclear Supernova); or when a massive star collapses under its own enormous gravitational pull into a dense Neutron Star or an extremely dense Black Hole (Core-collapse Supernova) resulting in the release of a massive amount of energy. Supernovas are one of the extremely energetic and violent events taking place in the universe. The Supernova explosion generates highly intense shock waves along with an extremely bright flash of light that may be as strong as the light of billions of Suns.

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