What is Psychokinesis?

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      What is Psychokinesis? Define Psychokinesis or give Psychokinesis definition.

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      Aditya SardanaAditya Sardana

      Psychokinesis (PK) is defined as the paranormal phenomenon involving the direct action of mind, without any physical intermediation, upon matter or a material body (physical effect). The term “Psychokinesis” is composed of Psycho (mind) + Kinesis (action or movement) – use of mind to produce action or movement. An example of Psychokinesis that can help easily understanding this process is stated here – the conscious effort of a subject’s mind to influence the fall of a dice in a dice-throwing experiment, in such a way, that only that face of the dice shows-up that has been dictated by the subject’s mind. Other terms or phrases that are sometimes used to describe the process of Psychokinesis include Mind over Matter and Telekinesis. The term “Telekinesis” is composed of – Tele (distance) + Kinesis (action or movement) – action at a distance. Psychokinesis (PK) and Extrasensory perception / ESP (To learn about ESP, click here – what is ESP?) are the two main paranormal phenomena that constitute the field of Parapsychology (To learn about Parapsychology, click here: what is Parapsychology?).

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