What is Parapsychology?

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    What is Parapsychology? Define Parapsychology descriptively or give the Parapsychology Definition in an explanatory form. Also, define Psychical Research.

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    The term “Parapsychology” has been formed from Para (beside) and Psychology (study of the mind). Parapsychology is defined as the branch of Psychology that deals with the paranormal or parapsychical phenomena of Extrasensory Perception (click here to see – what is ESP?) and Psychokinesis (click here to see – what is Psychokinesis?). In the layman’s language, Parapsychology can be defined as the subject dealing with the psychic experiences and events. Other terms used for Parapsychology include Parapsychologie (a German word), Psychical Research (In the Britain, the term “Psychical Research” is preferred over the term “Parapsychology”), Study of Psi Phenomena (Ψ Phenomena), and Métapsychique (a French word). Psi Phenomena includes both of the phenomena of Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and Psychokinesis (PK).

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