What is Iridology?

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      What is Iridology; give the definition of Iridology? What is Iris diagnosis and Iridology chart?

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      The word “Iridology” is formed from Irido (iris) + logy (knowledge, study). Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye in order to analyze a person’s health status. Iridology diagnostic technique is one of the diagnostic techniques used by the practitioners of the alternative systems or complementary systems of medicine. It is also called Iris diagnosis, Iridiagnosis or Iridodiagnosis. Iridologists (practitioners of the alternative systems of medicine who make use of iridology as a diagnostic tool) use iridology charts (or iris charts) and iridology cameras (iriscopes) to assess the health of the patients. The iridology chart or iris chart is a map of the iris (iris diagnostic map) where different places or zones represent corresponding body organs or systems.

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