What is ESP?

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    What is ESP? Give the definition of ESP or Extrasensory Perception. Are the Paranormal Phenomena of Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Intuition, Sixth Sense, and Precognition related to ESP?

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    Aditya Sardana
    Aditya Sardana

    The Extrasensory Perception or ESP encompasses three types of perceptions, without the involvement of the channels of senses – the perception of impressions (thoughts, feelings, etc.) from one mind to another (subjective events); the perception of events associated with objects without the involvement of another mind (objective events); and the perception of future events. The commonly used terms for Extrasensory Perception (ESP) include the Ultra-perceptive Faculty, Paranormal Cognition, Super-sensory Perception, Intuition, and Sixth Sense. ESP (Extrasensory Perception) incorporates the paranormal phenomena of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Precognition. To learn about Telepathy, click here – what is Telepathy? Clairvoyance – Clair (clear) + Voyance (seeing) is defined as the extrasensory perception of objective events without the involvement of impression-transfer from another mind. An example of Clairvoyance is the identification of inverted cards placed on the table. Precognition – Pre (beforehand) + Cognition (to learn) – is defined as the extrasensory perception of the events that would occur in the future and cannot be predicted by interpreting the data available in the present time.

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