Reply To: What is Magnet Therapy?

Aditya SardanaAditya Sardana

Magnet therapy is an alternative system of medicine (complementary system of medicine) that involves the use of the static magnetic fields produced by the magnets of varying shapes, sizes, and strengths on the body of the patient in order to treat various diseases including pain, tumors, cancer, renal stones (kidney stones), Gallstones (stones in gall bladder), paralysis, sciatica (pain radiating along the sciatic nerve), lumbago (pain in lumbar region or lower back), etc. Magnet therapy is also called magnetotherapy or magnotherapy or magnetic therapy or magnetic field therapy. Modern Magnetotherapy or Electromagnetic therapy makes use of the electromagnetic energy such as pulsed electromagnetic fields (or PEMFs) to treat pain and other diseases. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy or PEMF therapy is also called EMF therapy or PMF therapy or pulsed magnetic therapy.