Reply To: What is Cloud Computing?


The term “cloud” in cloud computing denotes Internet. Cloud computing is a powerful and flexible computing model that provisions a convenient and on-demand access, through the Internet from anyplace around the world, to a pool of easily configurable computing resources. The computing resources include servers, networks, storage, software, applications, websites, and services. These resources can be promptly provisioned with least interaction between the service provider and client.

Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing model is characterized by these five essential characteristics, viz. –

On-demand automatic or self-service (a user can acquire required computing capabilities or resources automatically, that is, without exercising human interaction with cloud computing service provider);

Broad network access through thin (for example, mobile phones) or thick client platforms (for example, workstations) over the Internet;

Dynamic resource pooling in order to effectively serve the demands of multiple consumers or clients using a multi-tenant model;

Extreme scalability or elasticity allowing consumers to rapidly scale computing capabilities or resources outwards and inwards in full accordance with their demands;


Pay-as-you-go or measured service model which works on charge-per-use basis (pay-per-use basis).