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AvatarAditya Sardana

The homeopathic remedy – Urtica Urens – is obtained from a herb known as Urtica urens belonging to the plant family – Urticaceae. This plant is also known as dwarf nettle or small stinging-nettle.

Urtica Urens (Urt-u.) is used as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of uric acid diathesis; gout; gravel; agalactia (partial or complete failure of milk secretion); urticaria (also known as hives or nettle rash); edema; burns; erythema; bee stings; pruritus vulvae with intense itching, stinging and edema; menorrhagia; acrid and exoriating leukorrhea (leucorrhea); affections of spleen; pain in right deltoid muscle; fever; tropical fever; fever of gout; sensations of burning, itching, stinging and soreness; etc.

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