Reply To: Uses of White Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy

AvatarAditya Sardana

White Chestnut Bach flower remedy is prepared from the flowers of Aesculus hippocastanum. According to Dr. Edward Bach, White Chestnut is used for those people who are unable to prevent undesirable thoughts, ideas, and/or arguments from entering their minds. They are unable to keep their minds focused in the present circumstances. Thoughts cause great worry and persist in their minds. If a person, requiring White Chestnut Bach flower essence, is able to throw out the undesirable thoughts, they return again to his or her mind after some time. The tormenting thoughts appears to circle round and round in his or her mind causing mental anguish. The presence of the unpleasant, unwanted thoughts drives out peace and pleasure from the affected person’s mind; this makes his or her everyday life unbearable. White Chestnut Bach flower remedy has been used by practitioners of the Bach flower remedy system of alternative medicine (see, What are Bach Flower Remedies?) in the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).