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Branches of Biology Depict Its Essence in Diversities!

Biochemistry – The branch of Biology dealing with the chemistry of the living organisms including the study of the chemical nature of the living matter, study of the reactions occurring inside the living organisms, and the study of the complex interactions between the biological processes in the living organisms.

– The study of the effects of climate on the living organisms.

– Bioengineering is defined as the application of the engineering techniques and analytical methods to the development of biologics, materials, implants, devices, processes and systems that help advance biology and medicine. Bioengineering enhances medical or health care. It is also called Biomedical Engineering or Biological Engineering.

– The study of the geographic distribution of the organisms.

– Bioinformatics is simply the use of Information Technology or IT in Biological and Medical Sciences. For complete definition click here “What is Bioinformatics?”

Biological Anthropology
– Biological anthropology is the field of science which is concerned with the study of the physical development of the human species. Biological Anthropology (or Physical Anthropology) deals with the study of the adaptation of the human beings to diverse environments; working together of the biological and cultural processes to shape or influence human beings’ growth, development and behaviour; factors that cause diseases in the human beings and their early death; and our biological origins, our place in nature, evolution, and variation.

Biological Engineering
– See Bioengineering

Biomedical Engineering
– See Bioengineering.

– It involves the application of physics in the study of Biology.

– See Psychobiology.

– Biotechnology is one of the applied branches of Biology which involves the application of the living organisms or biological materials like enzymes for specific technological or industrial uses. For complete definition click here “What is Biotechnology?”

– One of the main branches of Biology dealing with the study of plants and covering all the aspects such as morphology, physiology, taxonomy, economic value, etc.

Cell Biology
– One of the branches of Biology that deals with the study of the cells and their organelles.

– The branch of Zoology that involves the study of bats.

– The branch of Biology concerned with the effects of time on the living organisms including rhythms and periodic physiological phenomena.

Conservation Biology
– It deals with the conservation of species, subspecies, ecosystems, etc, so that the Earth’s biological diversity remains preserved.

– It deals with the effects of low temperatures on the tissues and living organisms.


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