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Following are the books by Dr Aditya Sardana –

Ayahuasca – The Sacred Psychedelic!!

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Book Description:

Ayahuasca – The Sacred Psychedelic!! This book reveals the divine vine “Ayahuasca”, which means “vine of the souls” in the indigenous Quechua language of South America. It specifically discusses, in detail, the mechanism of action (MOA) of the divine vine by explaining its psychopharmacological and neuropharmacological properties. I hope that this book will prove to be a research material or tool of great potential for researchers in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology, neurology, and allied fields. For laymen, it will serve as a means to know why this medicinal plant has been termed as the “Sacred Psychedelic”.

Dr. Aditya Sardana
(Author and Editor)

Coronaviruses Revealed – A Scientific Review

coronaviruses revealed a scientific review by dr aditya sardana


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Book Description:

This book titled as “Coronaviruses Revealed – A Scientific Review” offers a scientific review on Coronaviruses by studying them in both the biological and pathological ways. The author (Dr. Aditya Sardana) of this book hopes that the unique information provided in the book, will be of appreciable help to the professionals from a variety of life sciences and medical streams including biologists, microbiologists, virologists, physicians, and veterinary professionals. Moreover, the lucid style of writing exhibited by the author in this book allows all enthusiastic laymen and students to easily acquire salient information about the Coronaviruses.

Dr. Aditya Sardana
(Author and Editor)


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Aditya Sardana is a Medical, Science and Technology Writer, Books' Author, Alternative Medicine and Homeopathy Practitioner, Naturalist, Pharmacist, Bioinformaticist, and Science Enthusiast.

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