Adityathedarwinian Is Now Adidarwinian

Adityathedarwinian Is Now ADIDARWINIAN

adityathedarwinian, previously hosted as a free blog with WordPress CMS (content management software), is now Adidarwinian – Health, Biology, Science, which acts as a Web scientific platform and serves as an online information resource (OIR).

This important move has been made by the author after the grand success of the free web blog at

All the new articles, research papers, and content will be posted here (Adidarwinian – Health, Biology, Science) and here only!!

Your author remains the same – Aditya Sardana (a.k.a. Adidarwinian)

Aditya Sardana – Author of Adidarwinian – Health, Biology, Science

The entire web site or online information resource (OIR) has been solely authored by Aditya Sardana.

Aditya Sardana is a fanatic biologist, and has done his Bachelors in Pharmacy and Masters in Bioinformatics (Computational Biology). Aditya Sardana has authored hundreds of articles on Health, Biology, Science, medicine, Pets, animals, Charles Darwin, Bioinformatics, software, Information Technology (or IT), cloud computing, etc.

Aditya Sardana

About the Author 

Aditya Sardana is a Medical, Science and Technology Writer, Books Author, Alternative Medicine and Homeopathy Practitioner, Naturalist, Pharmacist, Bioinformaticist, and Science Enthusiast.

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